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Fun FAQS & Campsite Cooking

How to build the perfect fire!

Fire Safety

Cleaning up your fire

Breakfast Campfire Style: Western Omelet

Lunch Campfire Style:  Heavy Duty Foil Burger

Supper Campfire Style:  The 4 Pounder

Supper Side:  Vegetable Potatoes

Every which way S'mores!!

Campfire Popcorn

Campfire Boiled Egg


How to build the perfect fire!

A campfire is a necessary part of camping.  It helps light our campsite up at night, boils water and cooks our food.  Not only that, it's the main ingredient in making smores and it's fun to gather around and tell scary ghost stories late at night.  Unfortunately, it is one of the most dangerous elements of camping.  So here are a few ways to keep the whole family safe.

  1. Bunch up a ball of frayed bark, dried grasses, and tiny twigs from a pine tree, evergreen, or other available tree along with your fire starting materials if you have them.

  2. Lay very small twigs and sticks-not much larger than the kindling-against one another and over the ball to form a teepee shape. Leave a small opening through which you can place the match to ignite the fire.

  3. Continue adding more wood, gradually longer and thicker (up to the width of two fingers). Maintain the shape of a teepee at all times.

  4. Once the teepee is built to your satisfaction, carefully strike a match, shield it from the wind, and place it next to the waiting ball of kindling to ignite it.

  5. You may now enjoy your perfect fire with family and friends!


Fire Safety

  1. Always wear shoes. Stray embers will burn and can cause a serious foot injury.

  2. Start with small twigs and gradually add larger sticks.  Be careful not to plop larger pieces of wood into the fire, sending burning ashes and sparks.

  3. Use pot grabbers with work gloves to remove pots.

  4. Keep nylon clothing, tents and sleeping gear away from the fire.
  5. Be very careful with children around an open flame, it is important to allow them to become involved with the building and maintaining of the campfire.  It is crucially important that they realize fire building is serious business and not something for play.  If they cannot take fire building seriously and are apt to play with flaming sticks, take away their fire-helping privileges.  If parents set the proper example, the kids will develop a proper respect for the power of fire.


Cleaning up your fire

  1. A campfire should be attended at all times.  If you are going to bed for the night or leaving your campsite the fire should be completely extinguished.

  2. Make sure the your fire has completely cooled before you start the clean up process.

  3. Nothing should be left in the fire ring but ashes.  If there is anything but

  4. Ashes, that debris should be placed in the garbage.  Refrain from adding additional wood to the flames approximately one hour before finishing the fire. Keep pushing the partially burned pieces of larger wood into the center or hottest coals of the fire.  Y0u may find that you need to add very small pieces of wood, twigs, and such, to keep the fire hot enough to consume any larger sections of wood.


Now that we have our perfect fire lets get to the important stuff:  Campfire Cook'in


Breakfast Campfire Style:  Western Omelet

  1. 1/4 c. chopped ham
  2. 1/4 c. chopped green pepper
  3. 1/4 c. onion
  4. 1/4 c. butter
  5. 8 eggs
  6. 1 10oz can cream of mushroom soup

Okay campers now you will take the ham, green peppers, onion and butter and cook them over your fire until they are tender.  Now you will mix your eggs and soup together then add your ham mixture.  Put your omelet back on the fire and wait for the eggs to set.  Make sure that you keep stirring. 


Lunch Campfire Style:  Heavy Duty Foil Burger

  1. 1lb    ground Beef
  2. salt & pepper
  3. 1      garlic clove
  4. 4 slices of onion
  5. 4 thin slices of potato
  6. 4tbls  butter

Season beef with salt, pepper & garlic and make into 4 patties.  Place each patty on its very own lightly oiled square of heavy-duty foil.  Top each one with an onion and a slice of potato.  Season again if you choose with salt and pepper and a dollop of butter.  Now you will carefully seal each one and place on medium hot coals for about 30 minutes. During cooking time turn them at least once. 


Supper Campfire Style:  The 4 Pounder

  1. 1       4 pound chuck steak
  2. 1/4c     water
  3. 1 1/2tbls meat tenderizer


  1. 1/3c honey
  2. 1/3c lemon juice
  3. 1/4c soy sauce
  4. 3 cloves garlic

Mix all of your marinade ingredients together. Now you will moisten both sides of the chuck with the 1/4c water and sprinkle with meat tenderizer.  Place the chuck in the middle of a double thick lightly oiled heavy-duty piece of tin foil.  Cover the chuck with 1/3c marinade.  Seal the foil up tight and place on medium-hot coals for 2 hours.  You will now remove the chuck from the tin foil and grill it over hot coals for 30 minutes.  Baste with remaining marinade, turning occasionally.  Cook until meat is nice and brown.


Supper Side:  Vegetable Potatoes

  1. 6 large potatoes thinly sliced
  2. 2 onions thinly sliced
  3. 1 green pepper
  4. 1 red pepper
  5. 1 pkg. dried onion soup mix
  6. 1/2c   butter

After your vegetables are all sliced, melt the butter and mix it with soup mix.  Place all of the ingredients in a heavy-duty foil bag, seal it tightly and place on hot coals for about 1 hour.  Flip the vegetables at least once during the 1 hour cooking time.


Every which way S'mores!!

  1. This is everything you will need to make the perfect s'mores
  2. Graham crackers
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Chocolate bar
  5. Peanut butter cups
  6. Oreos
  7. Twix cookies (not the candy bar)
  8. The perfect roasting stick

1st recipe is the Original S'more:

  1. 1 graham cracker split in half
  2. 1 marshmallow
  3. 1 chocolate bar split in half
  4. 1 roasting stick

Now you will roast your marshmallow until it is the perfect shade of brown.  Place it on your graham cracker, cover it with your chocolate bar, and place the remaining half of your graham cracker on top.

2nd recipe is the S'mOreo Blizzard

  1. 1 marshmallow
  2. 2 oreo
  3. 1 roasting stick

Now you will roast your marshmallow until it is the perfect shade of brown.  Place it on one oreo and put the other oreo ever so gently on top or the marshmallow.  Then and only then do you have your blizzard.

3rd recipe is the Twix a licious

  1. 1 twix cookie (not candy bar)
  2. 1 marshmallow
  3. 1 roasting stick

Now you will roast your marshmallow until it is the perfect shade of brown.  Break your twix cookie in half, place your marshmallow between and enjoy a delicious treat.

4th recipe is the S'morenuty

  1. 1 peanut butter cup
  2. 1 graham cracker
  3. 1 marshmallow
  4. 1 roasting stick

Now you will roast your marshmallow until it is the perfect shade of brown.  Place it on your graham cracker, cover it with your peanut butter cup, and place the remaining half of your graham cracker on top. It is a whole new world the first time you take a bite of this one.

Now I'm sure this has opened your eyes to the whole new possibilities of the famous S'more.  Now you and your family if you haven't already can create all kinds of delicious concoctions. You can't go wrong with S'mores, if its bad throw it in the fire and start over.  If all else fails you can just stick a piece of chocolate inside your marshmallow and roast it that way, that is a simple and tasty treat. 


Campfire Popcorn

  1. 1tbls. Popcorn
  2. 1tsp.  Oil
  3. 18 x 18 square of heavy duty aluminum foil

For four servings: cut 18 inch square of heavy duty foil into four squares.  In the center of each square, place one teaspoon oil and one tablespoon popcorn.  Bring the four corners of foil to the center, making pouch like hobo knapsack.  Seal edges well.  With string, tie corners of each pouch to long handled barbecue tool or green stick.  Place pouch directly on hot coals and shake often until corn is popped.  Carefully open pouch and season popcorn with melted butter and salt.


Campfire Boiled Egg

  1. Eggs (keep in a cooler with plenty of ice)
  2. Wax-covered paper cups
  3. Water
  4. Campfire
  5. Metal Tongs

For this most amazing cooking trick, you will need fresh eggs which have been carefully stored in a cooler or insulated bag with a cold pack.  You will also need waxed-covered paper cups just a bit bigger in size than the eggs, and water.  This trick only works with paper cups, so do not try to substitute with anything else!  Campers place their egg in a cup and add enough water so the cup is nearly full. (Larger cups will take much longer to boil.)  Then, with the help of an adult, place the cups very near the fire.  At this point, the tops of the cups may very well catch fire.  Although the effect is quite spectacular, the cups are actually perfectly fine.  The water keeps the rest of the cup from burning.  The paper heats quickly and in turn heats the water very quickly.  Within a few minutes, you'll have a boiled egg!  Removing the eggs from the fire is the trick to this adventure.  I would suggest using a set of metal tongs or a large pair of channel locks to keep your eggs from rolling through the coals of your campfire.


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